Wysa, Koo, Moj and Others Win in Different Categories

Like every year, Google has released a list of the best apps for the year 2020 on its Play Store India. The software giant has announced the winners of various categories such as user choice, games and apps. Notably, the Best Android App award was given for the most stressful year during the wellness app, Medita with Visa, which was colloquially called COVID-year by many. Similarly, during the epidemic that skyrocketed while working from home, users’ choice App Awards were given Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

Starting with the gaming category, Google has divided the section into six sub-categories. The Legend of Runterra, currently having over 50 million downloads, won the Best Game Award for 2020. Whereas, the World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC 3) app received the users’ choice game award. Under the Best Competitive Sub-Gaming category, Google included titles such as Bullet Echo, CarTrider Rush +, Legend of Runtra, Rumble Hockey, and Top War: Battle Game. The best indie games on the Google Play Store for 2020 are Cookies Must Die, Labyrinth Machina, Motorsport Manager Racing, Revant and Sky: Children of the Light.

There are two more sub-gaming categories – Best Casual and Best Innovative including apps such as Asian Cooking Star, Evermajor, Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells, RPG: Crusty Cook-Off, Tuscany Villa, Fancade, Genesis Impact, Minimal Dungeon RPG. , Ordnance, and Sendship: The Crafting Factory.

Coming in the Best Apps, the section is divided into seven sub-categories. As noted, the best Android app for the 2020 award was ‘Sleep Stories for Calm Sleep – Meditate with Meditation.’ Whereas, Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more apps won the users’ choice App 2020 award. There is also a Best Everyday Essential sub-category which has apps like Koo, The Pattern, Zellish Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping & Recipes and Zoom Cloud Meetings. Google has also announced apps under the Best for Personal Growth category, which essentially help users in career development, meet daily goals, and more. Apps in this sub-category include Apna Job Search, Voice GK App, Mindhouse Modern Meditation, Mystore and Rightco.

The best hidden gems for 2020 include Chef Buddy, Finshots, FlyEx and Go Dutch. Other best app sub-categories like Best for Fun include Free Audio Stories, Books, Podcasts – Prilipi FM, Moj Short Video Apps, MX TalkTack, Refer and Vita. The Best App for Good is another sub-category that addresses apps around mental health. Inner self-care therapy – Anxiety and depression were listed under this category. All these apps are available to download for free through Google Play Store.


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