Virgin Voyages cancels launch of Resilient Lady ship

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Virgin Voyages, the much-anticipated brand that has promised to revolutionize the cruise industry, has postponed the launch of its third cruise ship, the Resilient Lady.

The ship was scheduled to debut in August, operating out of Pirius (for Athens) in Greece in the summer and out of San Juan, Puerto Rico in the winter.

Instead, the company has postponed its launch until May 2023.

Customers who book a sale are offered up to 200% refund for future cruises as well as some expenses.

In the question and answer for “sailors”, such as dubbed Cruisers on Virgin, the company blamed entirely on the current travel chaos that is now spreading in the cruise industry, crippling the aviation sector.

“There are a number of global challenges affecting the travel and especially the cruise industry, including supply chain issues, cruising challenges and regional uncertainties,” he said.

“Every decision we make is motivated by our commitment to creating a safe and inspiring environment for both crew and sailors, and we never want to put ourselves in a position where we can negatively impact our sailor experience or crew well-being.”

“The challenges we are facing are not just for Virgin Voyage; they are affecting our industry and our entire journey.”

Passengers with bookings have many options. They can get a full refund within seven days or get a 200% credit for a future cruise with Virgin Voyage in the next 12 months.

If they take credit and rebook for 2022, they will get an extra free voyage on another Virgin Voyage ship.

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The company is also offering a refund of up to $ 500 per passenger to cover any cancellation penalty or canceled flight.

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In a statement, Virgin Voyages said Resilient Lady would be at the shipyard in Genoa, finalizing its construction.

Her other two ships, the Scarlett Lady and the Valiant Lady, remain in service in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, respectively. Both were launched during the epidemic.

CEO Tom McAlpine said: “As a new brand that is just beginning, we have achieved a lot in the past year and the future is exciting for us. The momentum we are seeing with Scarlett and Valiant Lady is incredible.

“That’s why we are focused on offering the coolest vacation, and this break will ensure that we are ready to go on the elastic.

“The travel industry is recovering well, and this month, we’ve seen record bookings, a significant increase in on-board costs, and we’re currently looking to close our next phase of funding, which sets us up for continued growth.” “

The fourth ship, the Brilliant Lady, is also set to join the company in 2023.

Main image: Scarlett Lady (by Mattis J. O’Connor / Miami Herald / Tribune News Service Getty Images)

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