Venice’s St. Mark’s Square opens the Procuratie Vecchie building

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(CNN) – Venice is not famously a shortage of tourists, but its new vision aims to exploit the city’s over-tourism problem by directing visitors towards social responsibility.

Procuratti sold in St. Mark’s Square – one of the most famous buildings in one of the world’s most famous city spaces – has been opened to the public for the first time in history.

Built to ham in St. Mark’s Basilica in the early 1500’s, the square was created, after the previous building was destroyed by fire, the 500-foot, neoclassical facade of the building being one of the most famous images of Venice. Its ground floor porticos has a historic caf જેવા like Quadri.

The redevelopment was overseen by architect Sir David Chipperfield.

The redevelopment was overseen by architect Sir David Chipperfield.

Alessandra Camollo / THSN

Now, for the first time, visitors can go to its fourth and final floor, where a permanent display has been installed under the sloping beam roof of the building.

Formerly the headquarters of the General Insurance Company of Italy since 1832, the building has been renovated for five years under the leadership of architect David Chipperfield.

While Generally retains offices on the second floor of the building’s mural, and rents a third (including exhibits, which will be open to the public), a fourth will be the headquarters of The Human Safety Net, a project that helps. People and families at risk, including refugees.

Part of it is the kind of high-tech display that is rarely seen in Venice. Instead of covering history or art, “Potential world“Looks at social skills through technology. Hand-on performances designed to evoke thoughtfulness and empathy in visitors include teamwork games and an exercise in which visitors can only lift the ball into the air with the power of concentration.
The demonstration focuses on social skills.

The demonstration focuses on social skills.

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Andrea Martiradona / THSN

Of course, since this is Venice, there are one-gogo views. Buying tickets for the exhibition (half of which goes to The Human Safety Net) also gives visitors access to a fourth-floor cafe, with a two-terraced terrace pointing directly to the dome of the St. Marcus Basilica and the famous Campanile (Bell Tower). ). The terrace does not have a square view, as it is below the roof line of the building. However, the upstairs room has windows overlooking the area known as Napoleon’s “drawing room of Europe”.

The space itself is probably the most interesting project. The renovation of Chipperfield has transformed the abandoned attic level into a wide range of interconnected rooms, with stone-covered archways connecting the entire passage.

Upstairs there will also be co-op and meeting spaces, although they will not be open to the public or locals, but will be used by companies and NGOs that come to spend time in Venice. The caf will be open to exhibitors only.

Generally previously bankrolled for the redevelopment of the Royal Gardens, a popular seating area between St. Mark’s Square and the waterfront.

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