Touched by Gesture, AR Rahman Shares Fan Art Portrait of Music Maestro in Tamil Script

Academy Award-winning music composer AR Rahman shared a portrait of himself, which a fan created using Tamil script on social media.

Touched with a gesture, Rahman took to Instagram on Thursday and shared unique fan art with his online family.

The artwork has an outlined sketch of Rahman’s portrait.

It was a gift and presented to Ustad as a mark of tribute to his contribution and is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of Tamil script through custom lettering, calligraphy and typography. It was created by Tamil Typography – a company specializing in typographic arts.

Check it out here:

The words used to create Rahman’s portrait in the artwork were the names of the songs he composed.

It also has the artist’s name – Thrik Aziz from Tamil typography at the bottom of the artwork. The artist not only made clever use of Tamil calligraphy, but in a bizarre way, he also added some smoothies to his artwork to give it an original look.

The sketch’s background is made to look like a parchment paper feel, which adds some exotic vibe to it. The painter was only able to bring out the character and personality of the composer in this unique combination of clever word-play-art.

Rahman’s post has already reached close to 1.5 lakh likes within an hour of going online and is full of praiseworthy comments by his followers. ‘Mozart of Madras’ tagged the official Instagram handle of the creators of Tamil typography in the caption, which caused their fans and followers to like and appreciate the art as well as their handles.

While praising the post as ‘awe-inspiring art’, a user wrote on the photo-video sharing platform, ‘It’s Perfect’ made another comment. There were many others who expressed their love using fire or heart shaped emoji.

Some even wrote ‘thalaiwa’, which means leader or boss in Tamil. Others called it an ‘amazing’ work that should be kept for public viewing.

Meanwhile, the composer was recently voted brand ambassador of the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA).

On the work front, Rahman’s fans can enjoy listening to his tunes for the Tamil film ‘Ponniyin Siwan’, which will be on for sometime next year and ‘Atrangi Ray’, a Hindi film to be released in February 2021 .


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