This Italian airline just got a sassy new look

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(CNN) – When it Launched in October 2021ITA Airways, Italy’s new national carrier, promises to bring “100% Italian experience” to the skies.

And now, almost eight months later, the airline has unveiled its new look, which includes new uniforms and food hosted by Italian celebrity chefs.

The new look was unveiled with three of ITA’s new long-haul Airbus A350-900s – the planes that, according to the company, are their “new ambassadors.”

Chef Enrico Bartolini has added Papa El Pomodoro to the business class menu.

Chef Enrico Bartolini has added Papa El Pomodoro to the business class menu.

ITA Airways

The A350’s interior was styled by car designer Walter de Silva, who worked for Fiat and Seat, before becoming head designer at Volkswagen, sticking to his All-Italian pledge. De Silva took his inspiration from the song “Il Cielo in Una Stenza” or “The Sky in a Room”, “he said in a press release.

That means bringing blue inside the aircraft – but not the bright blue planned for the exterior of the ITA plane, but a more subtle, midnight blue. In economy seating, it becomes the base of the blue seat, with a sand-colored stripe in the center. “Comfort Economy” seats with slightly more legroom and color changes for business class seats. There is a nod to Tricolor Also the flag on the headrest.

Sleek new design for economy class.

Sleek new design for economy class.

ITA Airways

For long haul flights there will be flight stage (boarding, take off, mid-flight and meal times) as well as mood lighting depending on sunrise, sunset and night time.

ITA plans to gradually upgrade its fleet from its current Alitalia aircraft to a new Airbus fleet, predicting that by the end of 2025, 75% of the fleet will be environmentally less harmful, new generation aircraft.

ITA's new business class.

ITA’s new business class.

ITA Airways

Meanwhile, uniforms – designed by Bruno Cuquinelli – leap into casual wear, with women wearing white cap-sleeved T-shirts with a sweater vest over them. The more traditional uniform, closer to the dark blue uniform of Alitalia, is another option for the crew. Women can choose from a skirt or pants, while men’s uniforms make Elitalia’s navy suit with large gold buttons.

Fiona Sinclair Scott, global editor of CNN Style, sees the new uniform as a modernization of the classic flight attendant look.

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“There was a time when air travel was synonymous with ultimate luxury, regardless of seat assignment. Flight attendants’ uniforms and dress codes, which were primarily female, were designed to bring out the glamor and femininity, perhaps at the expense of the comfort of the staff. Works long hours, ”she says.

“Today, travel is more common and cabin crew are more gender-balanced. The culture of travel has changed and we are undoubtedly seeing reflection in this uniform.

“Workplace dress codes have become lighter in almost every industry so it is not surprising to see the inclusion of T-shirts in this new design, for example. Modernization with more casual styling like shoe option.

“Brunello Cusinelli has introduced many double-breasted suits in his last two menswear collections and they have come a long way in this line as well.”

According to the airline, the uniforms will be released in the next few months. The gradual introduction of the new look by ITA is for cost-cutting measures for the airline, which was born out of Alitalia’s bankruptcy.

And then there is food. From June 2, Intercontinental Flights will serve meals hosted by some of Italy’s finest chefs, beginning with Enrico Bartolini – the only chef in history to have been awarded four Michelin stars a year.

Included in Bartolini’s debut menu for business class Pappa El PomodoroHot “pep” of tomato-and-bread from its original Tuscany and flavored chicken with amalfi essence like lemon.

The economy will see a “completely refurbished menu”, while every food and drink item on board will have an Italian brand or recipe.

In the future, focus on that Italian On board coffee will be seen serving as an “experience” and wellness as a “unique experience”. Whether this will include guided meditation, as many airlines already have on their in-flight entertainment systems, or a full-on-in-seat massage as Virgin Atlantic offered, is not yet clear.

The successive roll-out of ITA also applies to its route map. It is launching routes from Rome to Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires this month.

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