Therapy Dog Cheers Spanish Special-needs Kids During Pandemic


Surrounded by parents and teachers, five children with disabilities in a Spanish special-needs school cannot hide their excitement when Spirit Therapy walks by wrapping the dog in a tail.

“One of the things we’ve seen in times of epidemics is that they pay more attention to dogs,” special education teacher Meritex Arius told Reuters as the children laugh and petting the Golden Retriever, who also appears to smile. Give.

She explained that because teachers used face masks, children could not see them smiling. “But the dog does not wear a mask and it is giving us a response we did not expect.”

Back to school with children due to horts near Barcelona at St Vissen’s school after six months being at home Coronavirus The ban, therapy dog ​​program, is a big help, said director Joan Francesk Porus.

“With rapid responses, his students have become more sensitive and collaborative,” he said, “so we understood that (the dog) was a very important tool for us,” he said.

For Hector Aguera, a 14-year-old with Asperger syndrome in the nearby town of Teresa, encountering his own medical dog Nico for the first time four years ago was somewhat scary.

“I was so afraid of him because I had never seen such a big dog,” he said.

Hector said, “Now they’re best friends:” Niko helps me when I’m nervous or overwhelmed and I need help, he comes, I pet him, my veins She goes away and I remain calm. “

His mother, Manoli Perez, agreed that it was Niko who brought Hector the “calmest”.


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