The world’s top city destinations in the Covid era

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(CNN) – It is more than the number of visitors to decide the success of the city as a tourist destination.

There is infrastructure, sustainability and economics; How it faces the challenges of attracting and accommodating tourists while maintaining a quality of life for residents; And then there is the effectiveness of its response to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Euromonitor, a UK-based market research firm, was known for its annual list of the Top 100 City Destinations, which – until all is done by Covid in 2020 – is ranked by the number of international arrivals.

It has been replaced by its new Top 100 City Destination IndexWhich compares the attractiveness of 100 cities around the world using six display columns with the latest report based on data collected in 2021.
Back in 2019, The At the top of the list With Hong Kong and Bangkok leading the charge – dominated by Asian destinations – but by 2021 Europe is now represented by eight cities in the top 10.

Like the pre-epidemic list, the 2021 index is a snapshot of time. Last year, cities rediscovered their feet in the wake of the global crisis, with some opening up to the world faster than others. In the fast-paced landscape of covid recovery, there is no doubt that next year’s list will be different again.

Here, then, are the early tourism heroes of the epidemic.

Paris leads the world

Paris has been declared the most attractive city destination in the world for 2021. Globally, it ranks highest in the “Tourism Performance” column and second only to “Tourism Policy and Infrastructure”.

Euromonitor says it has benefited from the return of American and Asian tourists, although it has yet to receive encouragement from visitors to the UK – a formerly large market. That has now changed, with the UK being added France’s “Green List” On March 31, 2022.

It ranks low for health and safety, however, the report said, “despite efforts to increase vaccination rates in a reluctant vaccine population.”

France is one of the most affected European countries in terms of covid, with a total of 27 million cases reported earlier this month.

Sky High Dubai

Dubai – which ranks No. 1 in the 2020 index – ranks second on Euromonitor’s 2021 list and the only emerging market city to be in the top 10.

The UAE’s favorite start reopened in July 2020 for international tourists, and last year it was boosted by the delayed Expo 2020, which began in October 2021.

Dubai ranks fourth-highest globally in the “Health and Safety” exhibition column due to the strict covid protocol introduced by the Dubai government.

As of April 2022More than 98% of Dubai’s population has been vaccinated and wearing a mask inside public places is mandatory.

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‘Livable and inclusive’

EU residents are now allowed to enter Amsterdam freely, but restrictions apply to countries outside the zone.

EU residents are now allowed to enter Amsterdam freely, but restrictions apply to countries outside the zone.

Figurney Sergei / Adobe Stock

Amsterdam, a small town with a historically large tourist population – so much so that it became a poster child Over tourism – Ranked third for 2021.

Dutch capital is now tackling over-tourism with technology: Euromonitor praises its crowd-monitoring project Public Eye, which uses AI technology to help navigate large crowds of people and reduce congestion.

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The report also notes that Amsterdam, along with Barcelona and Oslo, has “taken steps to reduce car parking spaces”, as well as “comprehensive bicycle infrastructure to revolutionize their transport network and create a more livable and inclusive place”.

Population growth, improved unemployment rates and disposable income growth mean that it is performing well in terms of economic and business performance, Euromonitor says, ranking sixth in the global performance column.

Viva Espana

Madrid ranks fourth overall and No. 1 worldwide in the “Sustainability” performance column. It was ranked third worldwide for “tourism policy and attractions”.

Thanks to Spain’s ease of entry requirements for many markets, Barcelona has also risen six places to 10th place by 2021.

New York was the No. 7 ranked U.S. city overall. Its success was driven by domestic tourism, while Orlando (No. 22) and Las Vegas (No. 28) also improved their rankings.

Singapore ranks globally in the “Economic and Trade Performance” column, although the city-state ranks only 24th overall in the index.

Asian cities were different in this column, with Taipei and Hong Kong also leading the way in terms of economic recovery in 2021, while Macau jumped 18 places to seventh in the world.

The UK capital dropped in the rankings in 2021.

The UK capital dropped in the rankings in 2021.

Figurney Sergei / Adobe Stock

Euromonitor also noted the impact of Singapore’s high vaccination levels and “stay with covid” policy, unlike other Asia-Pacific destinations with a “zero covid” approach.

Dublin ranks highest for tourism policy and attractions and 16th overall in the index.

Euromonitor attributes this to the Irish capital, such as France, which has been open to US tourists since mid-2021, unlike its UK neighbors. London has dropped three places to 8th position in the overall rankings in 2021.

However, London won over the tourism infrastructure. The report notes the capital’s extensive public transport system, six commercial airports and “a strong position in culture and recreation as well as educational opportunities.”

Euromonitor’s Top 20 City Destination Index 2021

1. Paris

2. Dubai

3. Amsterdam

4. Madrid

5. Rome

6. Berlin

7. New York

8. London

9. Munich

10. Barcelona

11. Vienna

12. Milan

13. Prague

14. Los Angeles

15. Tokyo

16. Dublin

17. Lisbon

18. Frankfurt am Mime

19. Zurich

20. Istanbul

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