The Beast, world’s longest wooden roller coaster, is getting longer

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(CNN) – It’s an annual event these days – some amusement parks are setting new roller coaster records. Maybe it is For speed. Maybe that’s for sure A distinctive design feature.

The Beast, however, will obviously not rest on its laurels. Park announced in a news release Wednesday that it would lengthen the track to 2 feet, strengthening its grip on the record to 24 inches.

How Long is the Beast Exactly?

Refurbishment for The Beast began in November.

Refurbishment for The Beast began in November.

Kings Island / Cedar Fair Entertainment

The Beast was 7,359 feet (or 2,243 meters) long. But when it opens in May, riders will enjoy those 2 extra feet – for the new official length of 7,361 feet – “due to offseason retracking and reprofiling work,” the release said.

Obviously, it will fly 2 extra feet (.6 m) very fast. Perhaps more important and more noticeable for adventure seekers on the ride will be a steeper first drop.

Kings Island said it has been re-profiled from 45 degrees to 53 degrees so that it can come to the bottom of the tunnel and provide a battery-smooth transition through the first tunnel and on the second drop.

The crew began renovating 2,000 feet (610 m) of coaster tracks in November.

Other features of the coaster

The Beast has two severe drops of 137 feet and 141 feet.

The Beast has two severe drops of 137 feet and 141 feet.

Kings Island / Cedar Fair Entertainment

So how long will it take to cover the new 3,761-foot track? The ride time is four minutes and 10 seconds. Some other hair-growing, howling-inspired beast figures from Kings Island:

• Vertical drops of 137 feet (41.8 meters) and 141 feet. The next drop is at an 18-degree angle.

It is an underground tunnel 125 feet long at the bottom of the 137-foot drop.

It’s just the first tunnel – there are two more.

40 Eight-sided bend and 540-degree helix tunnel near the edge.

Speed ​​up to .7 64.77 miles per hour (approximately 105 kmh).

Kings Island said the Beast cost 3.5 million to build between 1977 and 1979, and today it will cost more than $ 20 million to rebuild.

What it’s like to ride on The Beast

The Beast has earned its name, according to Martin Lewison (aka Professor Roller Coaster).

The Beast has earned its name, according to Martin Lewison (aka Professor Roller Coaster).

Kings Island / Cedar Fair Entertainment

Martin Lewison is an associate professor of business management at Farmingdale State College on Long Island in New York. “Professor Roller Coaster.” He did school CNN Travel What it feels like to ride The Beast on a Wednesday evening.

“I’ve ridden it many times. It’s definitely a ride if you go to Kings Island. It’s iconic,” Lewis said.

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“For years and years, it was my No. 1 wooden coaster. It’s really an experience.”

Lewis said the design makes it a ride like any other coaster.

“It practically has its chapters. It’s basically two huge parts,” he said. “It actually has two lift hills – for a wooden coaster, it’s quite unusual.”

His favorite part is when the train passes through the surrounding forests.

“It’s wonderful at night. A part of the excitement is running through the terrain. You’re just going through the darkness.”

He specifically mentioned the 540-degree helix.

“The second lift hill goes into a huge helix. It’s very sharp. Whenever I ride on it, I look at my wife and say, ‘This is crazy.’ “

Part of the excitement of the wooden coaster is that it feels dry, Lewis said. “When you hit that helix, you feel like the coaster wants to differentiate itself.”

Brady Bunch did not ride this coaster

Part of The Beast's fun is how it weaves through the woods and uses the ground level to enhance the ride.

Part of The Beast’s fun is how it weaves through the woods and uses the ground level to enhance the ride.

Kings Island / Cedar Fair Entertainment

Fans of the classic ABC sitcom “The Brady Bunch” can fondly remember the episode Family outing on Kings IslandCrazy adventures of losing and discovering father’s architectural blueprints – and ending with a family enjoying a ride on a wooden coaster.
However, Alice, Mike, Carroll and the children missed The Beast for six years. The cast shot their scenes in the park in the summer of 1973 and Decided to ride the racerIn the front seats with Eve Plumb (Jan) and Mike Lukinland (Bobby).
Racer, Actually two coasters Since the park opened in 1972, they have been “racing” together on twin tracks to see which train pulls back first.

Kings Island Amusement Park will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year, and now has 15 roller coasters.

Top Image: This view from The Beast shows how much area the coaster covers. (Kings Island / Cedar Fair Entertainment)

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