Stunt Artists Who Claim to be Behind Monoliths in US And Europe are Selling Them for $45,000


The mystery surrounding the monoliths that held the curiosity of the world for a long time, as the first luminous structure erupted as a smack in the middle of a part in the Utah desert, at one time appears to be similar to a monolith.

A group of stunt artists have now claimed responsibility for establishing monoliths throughout the US and Europe and are selling them for $ 45,000 (£ 35,500).

Under the collective label of Famous the Most Famous Artist ‘, artist and founder Mattie Moe posted photos and clues of Monolith on their social media handles, saying that they have been posting photos taken on Instagram in the last few days. The monoliths are saying they are on sale at a price of $ 45,000, which they have named “monoliths a service”.

In November this year, A. Shiny, a steel monolith In the United States clearly appeared from somewhere in the middle of the desert in Utah. A few days later, it disappeared into thin air. The mystery deepened as a similar monolith appeared thousands of miles away in Romania; On Wednesday, another report suggested that Akhanda also disappeared in Romania.

On December 3, another monolith appeared at the top of Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California.

The latest silver structure was seen on the Isle of Wight in England. It was meant to stand at 7.5 feet high and 2 feet wide. Surprised the residents By its sudden appearance.

The artist allegedly posted two photos on his collective label’s Instagram account, one being a Utah site, and the other apparently being taken near a warehouse. There was another photo of the monolith in California. Followers, who asked, “Was it you?” “The account repeatedly responded in a sly manner” If you are with us, we mean it. “

Mattie Moe reportedly Mashable told He would not provide much information on the structures. He attributed the “legitimacy of the original establishment” to it.

Moe said the collective is famous for such stunts. He also said that they are selling the structures through unbroken service.

Explaining his reasons for the same, Moe said, “What could be a better way to end this f ** k than let the world think briefly that the aliens approached only to be disappointed, it’s just the most famous artist who is playing tricks again. “

Gu disappearance of the Utah monolith was explained by photographer Ross Bernards from Colorado Who wrote a detailed post on Instagram, in which he wrote as an eyewitness how the four men came out of nowhere and demolished the structure and took him on a wheelchair. Bernard also attached several photographs of the incident of the men breaking the monolith. The tall, silver, shining metal monolith was originally spotted by a team of officers flying by helicopter to help enumerate the thigh sheep of the Wildlife Division in southeastern Utah.

Latest and a Golden monolith It was also discovered in Colombia. Pictures and videos of the Golden Monolith on social media show the metal object as open ground. According to reports, the monolith was spotted on Saturday in Chia of the Colombian department of Cundinamarca.

While the previous monoliths were all silver in color, it is a golden one that has made locals wonder if it could be the main monolith that controls the rest of the structure.


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