Spanish Scientists Designed a Special Tube Network That Will Pump Fresh Air Right into Masks


Spanish experts have patented the design of a special type of face mask to pump sterilized air, the risk of which can be reduced. Coronavirus For school going children.

The epidemic has led to the closure of regular schools in the worst way as examinations, classes in countries trying to combat the virus spread, were suspended for months. For example, a team of scientists from Alicante University are now trying to reduce the risk of children catching the virus with a specially designed system attached to their bench, which will pump sterilized air directly inside their masks , Daily Mail Report What was said.

The system involves setting up a tube network for every desk in the classroom, where virus-free sterilized air will be transmitted directly to their masks. The system of tubes will have two channels, one for fresh breath air and the other for inhaled air.

Scientists say that the system can be used to breathe fresh air to any closed space such as cinema, theaters, classrooms. The air passing through the entrance pipe is exposed to UV radiation which kills the germs present in it, making the air cleaner for breathing.

The air is not separated to ensure no reconciliation between those present nearby. Scientists say this helps reduce the risk of catching pathogens to a large extent.

Spanish University professor Antonio Marsila reportedly told the Daily Mail that it

The new method is expected to provide a fail-safe way for people to ensure that people are transported into disease-free air as well as to disinfect the air they are exhaling.

Marsila also said that with this new system, the need for people to physically distance themselves has been reduced to a great level, while ensuring everyone follows the protocol of wearing face masks .

This project, which is still in a nascent stage, can help normalize the situation in classrooms, theaters and other places of public conversation. A working model of the proposed system has been kept so far and a pilot system has been introduced.

Scientists believe that the use of current air con systems can significantly reduce the cost of air networks.

With rising pollution levels everywhere, demand for fresh air has increased in recent times. So, this idea of ​​a fresh air system aside, this proposed network of fresh air supply is sure to be welcomed by all if it is a sustainable way to breathe air.


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