Spain to introduce free multi-journey train journeys from September

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(CNN) – Public transport prices on state-owned services across Spain have already been halved in response to rapidly rising energy and inflation rates. Now the government has announced a further 100% discount.

By September, passengers will be able to travel on the various trains operated by the public train network Renfe without anything at all.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced that multi-journey tickets for trains operated by the network’s public services Cercanías, Rodalies and Media Distance (equivalent to local and medium-distance travel) will be free from September 1 until the end. Year.

According to public broadcaster TVE, the move does not include single-journey tickets or long-distance travel. Multi-journey tickets include at least 10 return trips.

Saving money and the environment

“This measure encourages the maximum use of this type of mass public transport to guarantee the required daily travel with safe, reliable, comfortable, economical and sustainable means of transport, amid extraordinary circumstances of continuous increase in energy and fuel prices,” said the Spanish Transport Ministry .

The Renfe plan was announced shortly after the Spanish government committed to a 50% reduction in public transport fees for state-owned transport.

Spain is not the only European country that has taken steps to reduce public transport costs.

Last month, Germany launches 9 (9.50) Unlimited monthly public transport tickets that can be used on local and regional transport across the country. The deal is part of a government energy relief package that will run until the end of August.
At the end of 2021, Austria introduced it Extremely Discounted “Climate Tickets” Valid on all modes of public transport in the country with the aim of encouraging people to leave their cars at home.

Climatecut costs just $ 1,267 (€ 1,095) a year, which works out to about $ 3.50 a day.

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