‘Sit on Satan’s Lap’ Event to Raise Awareness For Covid-19 Isn’t Going Down Too Well with Locals


An art group from New Mexico is organizing a charity event to provide Coronavirus There is worldwide relief but the event has been named ‘Sit on Satan’s lap’.

While the children sit on Santa Claus’ lap during Christmas and ask for gifts and other wishes, the diabolical twist in the name has managed to generate mixed reactions from the locals.

Originally, the Albuquerque arts group, Antillean Entertainment Art Collective, planned to throw out a Santa-themed charity event but a typo turned Santa into a devil. However, the cast then thought of moving forward with a casual new name. Talked with one of the artists Local News Station KRQE And said, “Actually there was a typo, a clerical error and I just rolled with it because everybody needs money, money is tight right now.” Interestingly, this artist told the portal that he wanted to be identified as the devil.

Giving more information about the incident, the ‘devil’ person said that the City of Satan’s lap will be held on December 19 at Johnson Field University in New Mexico, which will raise money for Direct Humanity, a non-profit organization Which will provide global humanitarian aid.

“They are hosting an event where I will only be behind the barrier in contact with my knee and so the kids can sit on my lap and get what they want for Christmas because Santa sneaks like a coward. Has been and I am ready to step in. In the plate, was cited as “the devil”.

The official Facebook page of the Shilanyas is asking for a donation of $ 6.66 and $ 183 USD remaining to reach its goal of $ 666. It is interesting to note that the number 666 is often considered an omen. The ‘About’ section of the page reads, “While Santa tries to throw himself away by leaving us in the North Pole, another man in a red suit is stepping in to help!” Do not send thoughts and pray. Donate $ 6.66 today! “

Urging people to donate to this cause, it is posted saying, “How many people have been saved from prayer? Zero. How many have survived wearing masks? 130,000! God: 0. A small piece of cloth: 130,000. “If there are people who don’t want to come in person, they can donate online,” the post added.

official website Some children present with a Santa in the group. Here only the mainstream image of Satan is inscribed on the face of Santa.


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