Shehla Rashid Comes Under Troll Attack Yet Again after Father Accuses Her of Threatening Him

Politician and activist Shehla Rashid Shora makes serious allegations against Abdul Rashid Shora after her rape, accusing him of taking large sums of money to join politics in the Kashmir Valley. He said that an inquiry should be ordered into his NGO.

Shehla later took to Twitter and denied the allegations. He accused his father of indecency. She termed her father’s statement as “absolutely disgusting and baseless” and said it was her response when a court banned her from entering her Srinagar home on November 17 in response to a complaint filed against her under domestic violence. .

“He had taken three crore rupees to join politics in Kashmir (former MLA) engineer Rashid and (businessman) Zahoor Vatali (both arrested by the National Investigation Agency last year for their alleged involvement in the terror funding case).” ) Father claimed.

This controversy once again shook the eyes of Shehla. And this is not the first time a JNU alumnus has been targeted by trolls. In most cases, this was soon followed by sexual assaults.

Shehla clarified that she shares a turbulent relationship with her father, along with her mother and sister. He said in a tweet, “He is a wife-eater and an abusive, maligned man. We have finally decided to take action against him and this stunt is a reaction.” He also said that this is not a political matter and has been going on for a long time.


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