Samsung Unveils New Sale Programmes, WhatsApp ChatBot to Improve Users’ Shopping Experience in India

Samsung has announced new programs for customers in India buying Galaxy smartphones from Samsung exclusive stores such as Samsung Smart Cafe and Samsung Smart Plaza. In addition to the launch of the Samsung WhatsApp chatboat, new programs such as Smart Club Loyalty and Samsung Referral have been announced. The South Korean veteran says that the new offer will enhance the shopping experience of customers from these official Samsung stores in the country. Additionally, the smartphone manufacturer has announced “exclusive” benefits for repeat customers.

Starting with the Smart Club Loyalty Program, Samsung customers can get reward points, service coupons and other benefits from minimum purchase of new Galaxy phones worth Rs 15,000 from Samsung Smart Cafe or Samsung Smart Plaza store. The company said in a blog post that these reward points can be redeemed on future purchases at Samsung exclusive stores in the future. Additionally, customers will also get three vouchers worth up to Rs 6,000 with their Smart Club membership (valid until December 2020) and fast track upgrades on products like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Tab S7. With the fast track upgrade, customers get direct entry into tier with higher membership than “normal program creation”.

Whereas, the Samsung Referral Program, as the name suggests, enables Samsung’s existing smartphone users (referrers) to earn Smart Club benefits of up to Rs 7,500 for purchasing select smartphones from Samsung exclusive stores. On successful transactions, both the referee and the referee will receive reward points. Samsung states that if referrers recommend the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, Galaxy Z Fold or Galaxy Z Flip, they are eligible to receive 2,500 reward points. Upon successfully mentioning the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S10 smartphones, referees can enjoy reward points of up to 1,500. These reward points can be used to effectively reduce the MRP of the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone. However, Samsung has not specified how to enroll for the event.

Samsung is also offering a discount of 5 percent to its repeat customers, i.e. users who are upgrading from the old Galaxy phones to the new Galaxy devices. “Often, these customers have out-of-warranty Galaxy devices. Customers who do not want to repair their out-of-warranty Galaxy smartphones now receive a 5 percent discount coupon when they visit a Samsung authorized center Can, ”the company said. These coupons can be redeemed at Samsung Smart Cafe, Samsung Smart Plaza and Samsung E-Store. Finally, Samsung has also discontinued the WhatsApp chatboat service to help consumers connect with the nearest Samsung Smart Cafe. Users can use the service by saving the WhatsApp number 9870-494949 and then sending hi to the platform. Samsung has about 2,000 Samsung exclusive stores in India.


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