Recipes that Went Viral During the Lockdown

Although the lockdown forced people to say goodbye to their favorite restaurants, cafes and even local tea tripods, it also forced them to bring out their inner chef. This happened especially in the early days, when most companies resorted to work-from-home or nonexistent work, and many had free time for the first time in ages. Add to that, the ubiquity of the impact of social media on people’s decision making, soon being a devout was not a passive activity to consume someone else’s creation.

It became fashionable to follow the trend of social media and then post it online. Here are five dishes that went viral during the lockout:

1. Dalgona Coffee: This coffee was invented in the West (which Indians soon came to know that our own fetus is coffee) suddenly went all over the internet. You can’t post this ridiculous time-consuming coffee recipe on Instagram without a friend or celebrity or influencer. Although its popularity may have diminished with taste, it was how beautiful it looked on ‘gram’.

2. Pani Puri: According to Google, it was one of the most searched phrases in India during the lockout in April. Even without lockdown, pani puri is one of the foods on the Indian road. With a sudden lockdown and epidemic, people were cut off from their much-loved bliss and resorted to making it their own. Add to the benefit of the Instagram trend to keep you active, it was a good distraction from the stressful world.

3. Bread: While bread, milk, and other essential foods were available on the market even during lockdown, this did not stop Instagrammers from making #homemadebread. Perhaps it was the satisfaction of creating such a basic need in itself, or the desire to follow a social media trend that made it so popular – either way, the lockdown also turned most kitchens into decent cooks and bakers gave. Banana bread was another variation that became popular during the lockout.

4. Momose: It would not be unfair to say that Delhiites (and most North Indians) are addicted to Momoj. North-eastern dumpling is a fuel for those on the streets in search of the next delicious and spicy food. But, like all good things, the COVID-19 epidemic and lockdown drove away this tasty treat from its fans. Far from being isolated, people made it an Instagram and Twitter challenge to make momos at home.

5. Samosa: Indians love snacking a lot, but all of the neighborhood’s samosas are closed with pudding, so where will those fried-carb cravings go to satisfy? Well, in your kitchen! Although many families have been making it for a long time, it was the first time in many kitchens during this lockout.

6. Chocolate Cake: On the list of most searched dishes on Google in May, the cake was in the top ten. Although essential bakeries, such as bread, were functional, other types of bakeries with such a fall were discontinued. But nothing can come between a dessert-lover’s desire for a chocolate cake, as evident by the increase in search for its recipe during lockdown.


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