Raucous Cancun flight: New penalties issued to passengers

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(CNN) – New fines have been imposed on some of the passengers who made headlines for them Insolent behavior Last year on New Year’s Eve on a chartered flight from Montreal, Canada to Cancun, Mexico.

Omar Alghabra, Canada’s Minister of Transport and Member of Parliament for the Mississauga Center, announced a new series of penalties for passengers on December 30 for non-compliance with vaccination rules and for not wearing a mask on a Sunwing Airlines flight.

“There are consequences for violators! We have issued a new series of 6 penalties of up to $ 5,000 for passengers on Cancun flight on December 30. 5 penalties for non-compliance with vaccination rules and 1 fine for not wearing a mask. So far 12 penalties. More to come!” ” Alghabra said in a tweet on Monday.
On March 8, Alkhabra fined the first six passengers who did not receive full vaccinations while boarding their flight. News release from Transport Canada.

The agency said the fines could reach a maximum of $ 5,000 (approximately US $ 3,970) each.

Trapped in Mexico

Members of the Rowdy group, shown in videos without dancing, drinking and vaping masks on a flight to Cancun, were found stranded in Mexico after scrubbing their return flight to Canada in early January, and other airlines refused to fly them home.

Sunwing canceled their return flight, which was scheduled for Jan. 5 because the group did not agree to its stated terms, the airline said.

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Sunwing said in a statement at the time that its decision to cancel the group’s return flight to Canada was “based on the group’s refusal to accept all conditions and our security team’s assessment that non-compliance would be based on their previous disruptive onboard behavior.”

The other two carriers also refused to fly back.

Group “Exclusive Private Group” 111 went to Cancun on a charter flight for a tour organized by a private club.

Trudeau: ‘slap in the face’

A total of 154 passengers were on board the flight, according to Transport Canada. Passengers were required to be fully vaccinated as per the Civil Aviation Order regarding Covid-19.

The video, which shows passengers dancing and drinking in the wing, sparked outrage in Canada and was reprimanded by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“It’s a slap in the face to see people put themselves, their fellow citizens, and put airline employees at risk by becoming completely irresponsible,” Trudeau said in a briefing in January.

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