Military Dog Refuses to Let the Coach Go After Two Years of Training Together

An emotional scene from China has melted hearts on the Internet. The video opens to a military dog ​​who refuses to say goodbye to his coach, Jia Chuan, as he retires after spending nearly two years training a three-year-old Golden Retriever.

In the clip posted online, Canine appears to run after the retired coach as he takes his leave. Going to Jia, a canine named Da Mao runs after Jia and hugs her, wraps her claws around her and refuses to let her go. Their colleague was to be part of a pair that had come together for the past two years.

The 41-second video has left internet users emotional.

Mao and his handler, Jia, were together for the past two years and the two shared a strong bond, local media reports. Mr. Jia had been serving the Chinese Army for the past eight years and was due to retire recently, but as he bid farewell to the camp and to Mao, the first search and rescue dog he trained, it seems Mao could not bear. Go see its coach.

Even after trying to overcome them several times, Mao would not give up and jumped back to his previous handler.


A gesture to prevent Jia from leaving the barracks, in the arms of the coach, wrapping claws around her.

The love and actions of the beloved comrade have torn Internet users. The heart-melting final goodbye was shot at an undisclosed location in China. Users are asking that officers allow the dog to be taken with them after retiring.

‘Adorable dog knows everything! Good luck to the veteran, ‘another user wrote.

One such incident occurred in Xinjiang, western China, in August this year, when a German-Shepherd, a sniffer dog, was unable to say goodbye to his retired trainer. A dog named Bei Bei could not see the trainer retiring and leaving. In an attempt to stop his trainer, Bei was seen holding the trainer Duffel bag with its mouth.

Bye closing the car door would not say goodbye to the retiring officer and ran to the back of the moving vehicle, even the officer said goodbye to his partner.


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