Heartbreak Hotel opens in the UK

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(CNN) – Everyone has their own way of dealing with heartbreak. Some turn to their friends for support, some turn to TV streaming services and some turn to ice cream.

But what if you could examine yourself in an alcohol- and technology-free solitude with a long weekend of “transformative therapy” as well as scenic views aimed at healing your broken heart?

The Heartbreak Hotel, Run by counseling psychologist Alice Hayden and author and life coach Ruth Field, the same offers.

Launched in late 2021, the residential retreats, designed exclusively for women, are being held at Bersham Barnes, a private home on the shores of Norfolk, UK.

The dream of a heartbreak hotel was seen by Hayden, who took a break from practice after his mother’s death and was seen reconsidering how therapy is traditionally applied.

‘Heartbreak Connects Us’

Heartbreak Hotel is run by psychologist Alice Hayden (left) and author and life coach Ruth Field.

Heartbreak Hotel is run by psychologist Alice Hayden (left) and author and life coach Ruth Field.

Katie Wilson

Hayden says she was listening to a radio program on romantic cheating and realized there were few services available for women struggling to overcome a variety of heartbreaks.

She began exploring the possibility of a “radical” new concept in transformational therapy that could provide exactly what she felt women were experiencing all sorts of heartbreaks really needed in a group setting.

“We believe that heartbreak connects us to the essence of what it means to be human, and that our weakness is also the birthplace of compassionate change and courageous creativity,” Hayden said in a statement.

Hayden then began putting together an all-female team and Field, one of his oldest friends, soon joined the board.

“We think of solitude as an intensive care unit for the heart: hot water bottles, blankets, hot drinks, sharp fires, no finger lifting, everyone is taken care of so well that they can give of themselves for healing,” Field told CNN Travel. Says.

The retreat, which runs from Friday to Monday, is open to a maximum of eight women at a time.

Field adds, “This space has been created, which is very safe, in which these women are taken on this journey.” “It simply came to our notice then.

“So they are freed not only from their heartbreak, but from all sorts of creations around which women lose a lot of time, such as serving others and all the other roles that we play. [women] Have to deal with.

“Trauma can get stuck in the body and we have an EMDR specialist who comes and works to relieve that trauma for our guests.” EMDR, or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, is a technique for unlocking and removing painful memories.

Beach visits

The three-day retreat, designed specifically for women, takes place in Norfolk County, UK.

The three-day retreat, designed specifically for women, takes place in Norfolk County, UK.

Chaucer Barnes

In addition to intensive group therapy sessions, those who check in at the Heartbreak Hotel will also benefit from a plant-based, heart-healing nutritious (and delicious) meal “menu designed to inspire and nourish your broken heart” as well as Fireside. Meetings and walks along some of Norfolk’s beautiful beaches.

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“Location is very important,” Field says. “It is also very important to stay at the beach and take a daily trip to the beach.

“The vastness of the ocean and that sense of the smell of the ocean, it’s all very good for healing. It really helps to relieve stress – cortisol levels go down.

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“And of course, heartbreak is also a period of intense stress on the body, so we spend a lot of time working with it organically.”

The first two retreats at The Heartbreak Hotel, a romantic heartbreak called “Moving Beyond Battle” and “Healing Your Heartbreak” and the response from guests has been very positive.

The team makes it a point to group together women with similar experiences.

“This way group therapy seems to work best,” Field explains. “They can get to know each other in a way that you can really get to know someone who has had a similar experience [to you] And he keeps it very specific. “

Those interested in attending the Heartbreak Hotel retreat will have to fill out a detailed questionnaire, which can be found on the website, which shows why they would like to attend.

Once this is submitted, a “Long Call” is set up between the potential guest and Hayden or Field to evaluate their suitability.

“We spend a lot of time curating the right guests for each retreat,” says Field. “We never remove anyone, but we often redirect women to other remedial services, for example, if they are not suitable for retreat.”

Technology and alcohol free

Up to eight women at a time can attend tech and alcohol free retreats.

Up to eight women at a time can attend tech and alcohol free retreats.

Chaucer Barnes

According to Field, the absence of mobile phones and alcohol is crucial to ensure that guests are actually open during intensive group therapy sessions.

“They need to sit down with their emotions, and anything that takes them away from them is not valued in terms of their travels,” she says, before explaining that each guest will be treated for about eight hours a day. Group.

“There are also these daily trips to the beach,” she adds. “There is not a huge amount of free time between any of these. It is a very intensive, deep therapeutic task.”

Each retreat costs 2,500 (approximately $ 3,275).

Hayden and Field are currently exploring potential retreats, focusing on areas such as sibling competition, menopause, and dealing with the loss of a loved one.

But whatever their reason for checking in, the team ultimately has the same purpose for every heartbroken guest who walks through their door.

Hayden says, “Our mission at The Heartbreak Hotel is for all our guests to leave a strong and free feeling to act according to their own love values ​​and needs.”

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