Form with No Option for Mother as Guardian Goes Viral Causing Outrage among Women

Patriarchy works in both subtle and raw forms in our society. Putting the father’s surname after the child’s name or considering the father as a student’s mentor are some of the subtle ways in which the father’s importance is articulated, acknowledging the mother’s contribution to the child’s life and upbringing.

There are many reminders around us that patriarchy is thriving in the country, but when institutions contribute to regressive practice, it becomes related.

A Twitter user Tanvi Vij shared a picture of a form in which he seemed to be asked, among other things, to write the name of his guardian. In ‘relationship type’, there were only two options: ‘father’ or ‘husband.’

It can be seen that Tanvi wrote to the mother and ticked a box, which she had created in the ‘Relationship Type’ column.

Sharing the picture on Twitter, he wrote, “Mummy ka column kyu nahi hai bhai” (why there is no column for mummy).

Her legitimate question invited many helpful comments from users who have faced the same or are against the practice of considering only men as a guardian in a woman’s life.

Ruby Queen, a commentator asked, “How can a husband be a parent ??”

Another person named Abhishek Gupta said that in the guardian column not just the father’s name, in many forms the applicant is usually asked to write the father’s income such that only the father earns.

Another Twitter user supported Tanvi and said, “I personally know many women that they are raising their children in India. This needs to be changed. “

Another person questioned that the relationship type column puts ‘husband’ as an option under guardianship and not as ‘husband or wife’.

Another Twitter user Ambika Pandit said that there is an option for mother’s name for father’s name. She told that the single mother’s children are struggling with the question asked by Tanvi.

However, there were many who misjudged Tanvi’s question and made some inaccurate comments.

In response to Tanvi’s question about the missing column of the mother’s name, one person replied, “Because the father pays for your education.”

But people were quick to point out the blame in that statement. One person replied, “This is not always the case! Shame on this ideology!”


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