Farah Khan Roasts Karan Johar’s Metallic Stud Sweatshirt, Arjun Kapoor Calls Him ‘Stud Muffin’

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Bollywood filmmakers Farah Khan and Karan Johar shared a hilarious joke on Instagram this Wednesday. Choreographer and director Farah’s latest Instagram reel shows how she likes to review fashionista Karan’s outfit with her quirky wit and humor. The filmmaker followed the camera as she showed Karan’s outfit to her followers. The manufacturer was flaunting a black sweatshirt that comes with metallic studs all over the garment. Commenting on Karan’s costume, Farah says, “Oh my God, is it a diamond? Oh my god This Shehanshah look! ” Karan looked very happy as Farah shared his commentary. The 49-year-old manufacturer paired the sweatshirt with matching black pants, silver sneakers and a pair of chunky black sunglasses.

In response to Farah’s commentary, Karan says, “Listen, this is a stud you are not used to.” The metallic studs on Farah Karan’s sweatshirt zoom in on Poking and present his ridiculous commentary, saying, “I had a habit of it, but listen, what are these Pokકી items?” Oh, that’s the only poke you’ll give me. “In his defense, Karan says,” Farah, you don’t understand that this is a certain piece of clothing, this is Kochhar. “As he was about to finish his sentence, Farah Expresses boredom and turns the camera in the other direction. Shocked Karan then says, “I don’t think I’m talking to anyone.” “Are you still talking?” Asks Farah, “Am I for her? Isn’t that right? “Karan replies. At the same time when Farah removes the camera from Karan once again, who then says,” Oh my God it’s an insult. “Karan shows his anger towards Farah and says,” I’m insulted. You don’t deserve my fashion. “As soon as the door opened, Farah added a sticky remark,” Going back to the closet? “

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