Embellished Face Masks to Neons, Here are Unique Fashion Trends of the Year

Despite being a very normal year, 2020 managed to give us some refreshing fashion goals and no, it was not all about track pants and sneakers. From reviving some of the old fashion trends of the 80s and 90s to enhancing the essential face mask trends of 2020, this year gave us many options in terms of style. Let’s look again and how Sal rolled out her fashion trends amid a major health crisis.

Little knickers

Short Shorts made a comeback on the runways of Chanel, Saint Laurent, and more. These bottoms offer the perfect summer vibe to your outfit. Pair it with a vest and T-shirt or rock it with a knit cardigan or bodysuit. This year also marks the return of Bermuda Shorts, as it has been operating since the home era.

Knit fabric

The striped knit dress is a transitional piece to wear during the autumn season, making winter fashionable as soon as summer ends and the cold begins. If you go with a short-sleeve or midi length option, pair it with a denim jacket to keep yourself warm or cool. Apply your look with sandals for the holidays or with kitten mule heels for parties. From fabric to stripping, knitwear has also taken another form in the entire Spring 2020 collection. Coordinate your cardigan with your t-shirt or tank top to dress comfortably. You can also pair it well over both your pajama pants and your jeans.


Crockett’s old-timey charm also received a nice update this year. Designer houses re-added crochet to an ultra-feminine dress, polished suit and evening dress, which looks modern with a special touch of grandmother’s handmade crochet. Adopt this handmade technique that also adds a touch of stability. Clothes can also be passed down from generation to generation as heirs to a family that lasts forever.

Designer face mask

The most essential accessory face mask of 2020 was, and the fashion industry believes, to revolutionize this simple and essential item that will stop the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. From American pop star Lady Gaga, who presented her whimsical version of her face masks to the graceful designer people, the fashion industry ensured that our face masks became “trendy”.


The trend of bright pop neon clothing, shoes, bags, et seater was a part of the 2020 fashion trend. All highlighter-inspired nines span the fashion weeks of designer homes ranging from Tom Ford to Christopher John Rogers, and Cortez. These vibrant colors, when paired wonderfully with black, white, or tan, can give you that X factor.

How many of these trends have you been in this year?


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