Days After Mysterious Utah Monolith Disappears, Another One Pops up Near Romania Fort

Fans of science-fiction should be familiar with the all-powerful and mysterious monolith of 2001: A Space Odyssey. However, the monolith seems to have gone beyond the realm of imagination and has appeared for real in two different places.

The previously mysterious metal monolith was found in a remote, uninhabited desert in Utah, USA, now a second structure Appeared in romania. The triangular, luminous column was discovered on Thursday at Batka Doomnai Hill in the city of Piatra Nemat. Coincidentally, it was a few meters from the Petrodva Dasian Fort, a popular Romanian archaeological site. The fort was built around 82 BCE and AD 106 by the Dacians of ancient Europe.

The presence is similar to the unbroken presence in the book, and later the film, as it appears suddenly and without explanation. Conspiracy theorists may have chosen it for the work of aliens, but most believe it is probably some devoted prankster who happens to be a fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Arthur C. In Clark science fiction literature, Earth’s first appearance on Earth was in Africa three million years ago. It is presented in the form of a mysterious statue, which evokes a sense of wisdom on the life around it and the book / film suggests that the monolith was responsible for saving the Great Apps by giving them the knowledge to use the device .

The Utah Monolith has been removed by an “unknown party” according to the Daily Mail. It was about 12 feet in length and was discovered by local authorities who were counting wild sheep from the air. A place discovered in Romania is a local landmark of 13 miles, locally known as the Holy Mountain. The authorities are still in the dark as to the presence of the mysterious structure. Neamt Culture and Heritage official Roskana Josanu told the Daily Mail that they were seeing a “strange presence”.

“It is on private property, but we still do not know who owns the monolith. It is in a protected area at an archaeological site, ”she said. Any structural installation requires permission from the Neamt Culture and Heritage Institute and approval from the Ministry of Culture.

For the Utah structure, although it was recently discovered, a Google Earth analysis suggests it is from 2015 onwards. However, Utah has a history of “land art”, where unusual installations have occurred in remote locations in the 1960s. 70s.

About 20 years ago, a similar monolith appeared in Seattle in 2001; Corresponding to the title year of the Clark book and the Stanley Kubrick film.


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