Chrissy Teigen Speaks on ‘Shame’ around Breastfeeding Troubles

The week after supermodel Chrissy Teigen expressed his grief Missing a baby With husband John Legend, she has now begun a conversation about conflicts during breastfeeding. And women on Twitter related her past struggles.

Taking to Twitter, the 34-year-old model said that if a mother is having trouble breastfeeding her baby, she needs to ‘normalize’ food to normalize. She further said that it was a shame when she did not produce breast milk for her children, daughter Luna Simone and son Miles Theodore, as she simultaneously suffered from post-natal depression and ‘what not’.

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“People have surrogates, people have trouble breastfeeding, and you hear as a new, worried mother how breast is best,” he said, “Your baby is going to be perfect, perfect.” , and well.”

Despite all the efforts – in the ‘highest genre’ – Krissy could only get one ounce of milk. Combined with the guilt of failing to do “the most natural thing of nature for her own child”, she was steadily diminishing.

But, Chrissy did not let it go to him. So, coming out she spread a message to all the mothers who might have to go through the same feelings: “I just remember the grief I have and want you to know that you are doing it right if your child Is fed, uncle. “

However, Chrissy’s story has struck a chord among many mothers and women there, who came to her position to share her personal experiences of struggling to breastfeed her children. “Normalize whatever a user wants to choose,” one user said.

Earlier, in June, Chrissy was embarrassed by posting a picture of her Feeding The Beast He has two children. However, the young mother returned shortly.

Many praised her and thanked her for normalizing breastfeeding, but a section of social media criticized her.


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