Chocolate Day Has Twitter Taking a Break With Bittersweet Valentine’s Memes

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If nothing else, at least the chocolate shop owners are having fun today. (Credit: Twitter)

It’s Chocolate Day and Valentine’s Week and singles have hit the scene.

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We’re in the middle of Valentine’s Week and all sorts of emotions are boiling on Twitter. Today is ‘Chocolate Day’ but it is a bitter event on social media. Humans are social creatures, so if you are one of those people who are feeling lonely today, you have a whole bunch of people who are willing to show empathy. Like the ritual, the singles have come up with memes on the Twitter scene and they are revealing all their loneliness in some indefinite words. On the other hand, we are living in an age of self-love beyond the bubble bath, so it is also an important part of this Valentine’s Week. Here we have a roundup of memes that will really get you through the emotions around Valentine’s Day, so you remember that you don’t need romantic love to be complete – you need Twitter where other people are also in hot turmoil. .

If nothing else, at least the chocolate shop owners are having fun today.

OG chocolate, anyone?

In a parallel universe, someone, somewhere, is waking up to amaze chocolate. Oh wait, that’s it.

If chocolate, roses, and soft toys aren’t your cup of tea, you can even name a bug after your ex this Valentine’s Day and watch him eat. So if you have a brand of dessert of your choice Change, Lehigh Valley Zoo in Pennsylvania offers people only $ 5 or Rs. Allows naming of bugs in 374. The zoo then feeds the bugs to their animals. Lehai Zoo announced the offer on his Twitter page for this Valentine’s Day and wrote in the poster, “Name a mistake on your ex’s name and we’ll feed him to one of our animal ambassadors!” The ad further states that people can donate. Rs. 364, which will later be served to the animal. According to the Lehai Zoo website, the zoo will also post a weekly video on Facebook where people can see the bugs being fed to their former animals.

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