Brand-new baby hippo is ‘strong and looking really healthy so far’

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(CNN) — The Cincinnati Zoo said in a tweet Thursday that BB the hippo gave birth Wednesday night.

“Bibi gave birth around 10pm and so far everything seems to be going well for mother and baby,” the zoo said. “They will be away from the habitat for about 2 weeks for bonding.”

A name is likely to be discussed today, Jenna Wingate, senior zoologist with the zoo’s Africa team, told CNN New Day on Thursday.

“Our focus was just getting this healthy calf into the world and keeping the focus on BB,” Wingate said.

“We’re very happy to say that the baby is going strong and looking really healthy so far,” Wingate said.

That means Bibi’s daughter Fiona is officially the big sister.

Fiona became an international celebrity in 2017 after being born six weeks premature, weighing just 29 pounds at birth. Hippos are usually born close to 100 pounds.

Fiona’s weight was a record-breaking low weight for a hippo, but she managed to survive against all odds, CNN previously reported. Fiona now weighs about 1,300 pounds.

Wingate said the zoo was “cautiously optimistic” about Bibi’s latest pregnancy, given how premature Fiona was born.

“This calf looks really healthy,” Wingate said. “We haven’t gotten a weight on this one yet but we estimate it’s over 50 pounds, and usually it’s around 50-100 pounds.”

The zoo said in a news release that Bibi and her cub “will not be visible to the public immediately,” but that it is “working to share photos and videos if the care team is able to obtain them without disturbing them.”

This Thursday afternoon zoo posted a video A bouncing new baby hippo bobbing around in an indoor pool.

“The newborn hippo spent most of the day in the indoor pool with BB, exploring, resting and nurturing, which is exactly what the hippo care team had hoped for,” the zoo said on Twitter. “Hippos spend most of their lives in water, and hippo calves even nurse underwater.”

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Top image: A new baby hippo was born at the Cincinnati Zoo on Wednesday night. (@cincinnatizoo/Twitter)

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