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YONO is an integrated digital banking platform by the State Bank of India. The application is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. The app enables users to access a wide variety of financial services. Apart from this, a user can also book flights, trains, buses and taxes through it. Online shopping and medical bill payment facility is also available on SBI Yono App.

The integrated digital and lifestyle platform by YONO has exceeded the 58 million download benchmark. It has 26 million registered users and witnesses 5.5 million logins per day as well as over 4000 personal loans, and 16000 YONO Agri Agri Gold Loans. In a recent tweet, the bank reported that they have made some changes and updates to the app for the welfare of users. The bank tweeted a YouTube video showing all the updates with the text, “Now check your account balance, view the passbook and make transactions without logging into the app.” Bank early with Yono SBI! “

After the update, SBI’s YONO app includes some special features including pre-login features through which SBI account holders can access their bank account details, view passbooks and make transactions without logging into the app can do. Other changes to the app include view balance with login option and quick pay option. Only 6 digit MPIN or Biometric Authentication / Face ID or User ID and Password are required to use this facility.

Here you can use SBI YONO Quick Pay option:

1. Open the app and tap on the YONO Quick Pay option

2. The user has to complete the authentication process by entering MPIN or through biometric / face id authentication

3. After authentication is complete, the person can send money up to Rs 2000 through the app.

Take a look at the steps you need to follow to check the balance, passbook in SBI Yono app without login:

1. Go to the app and authenticate yourself through MPIN, user ID and password or biometric

2. Next, click on View Balance option and authenticate yourself again

3. After this, the balance of all accounts associated with the YONO app can be checked


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