Actor Finds Secret Backdoor in Apartment while House Hunting, Video is Giving Netizens Creeps

The apartment hunt for actor Jamie Wilkes turns to search for the secret passage and netizens are in it. In his latest tweet, the actor posted a video from his apartment hunting tour where he showed his followers how a secret passage went under the kitchen counter.

The video shared on Twitter also surprised people and came out a bit. Wilks recorded a secret exit through the kitchen and captioned the video, “Saw a flat today and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop thinking about the back door”.

Wilkes can be seen scanning the traditional looking kitchen until she pulls down one of the counter slabs and we see a secret stairway leading down to a door that might have been a ground alley or Probably opens by some other secret passage.

Since being shared earlier this week, the video has already been viewed more than five million times and the number is only growing.

The video has also prompted netizens to question the logic behind such a construction. While some wrote how the clip surprised them. Some people also expressed that they cannot completely decide whether it is scary or cool. For some, it was a bit scary, but perhaps users aren’t really trying to waste space. “It’s bizarre,” expressed another. While some could not decide whether it is super creepy or super cool. It is quite clever, said another.

While some netizens imposed their creative caps and considered it a plus for the apartment owner. As one user commented, “I think this is great! I would put an extra lock on the counter so that yes it would not go out in flames but it would be easier to get out in case of a fire. I have a small studio And I wish I had 2 doors! “

The passage gave some users the idea that the makers of the house had planned a quick getaway and therefore secret gates. “You think the owners thought they might have to flee early!”

Another surprised fan said, “I am really flustered that I don’t know what I would call this contraceptive scare face.”

What do you think Is this a minimalist space-saving strategy or some creepy escape door for a serial killer?


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