5 Ways Coconut Oil Can Benefit Your Hair Health

Made from raw or dried coconut, coconut oil is a great and absolutely natural product for your hair. In India, coconut oil has traditionally been used not only for cooking but also for skin and hair. The main reason behind this centuries-old use of coconut oil is simple – this oil is full of saturated fat, minerals and polyphenols.

Because coconut oil is fatty, it may not be the best idea to consume it too much in your food. But this is because it is fatty, and contains a large amount of lauric acid (a heart-healthy fatty acid), which when applied topically can be really beneficial for your skin and hair. The following are the main benefits that you can get by applying coconut oil on your scalp and hair.

1. Helps hair grow longer

Not only is coconut oil deeply nourishing, but it is also known to help clean sebum buildup from the hair follicles and also penetrate the cuticle. This not only makes hair healthy and dense, but also accelerates hair growth. Applying a good coat of coconut oil once a month or making a hair mask with it can make your hair long and strong.

2. prevents dandruff

Regular application of coconut oil on your scalp can prevent dryness, which helps combat dandruff. The nutritional effect of coconut oil on the scalp is exuded by its antifungal properties, which in addition to dandruff also helps prevent other scalp infections. If you do not want to leave coconut oil in your hair overnight, which can be effective but feels very greasy, apply it on your scalp for an hour before washing your hair and allow it to rest.

3. Treats split ends

Studies show that coconut oil is better absorbed by your hair than any other oil, which helps strengthen it to prevent breakage and splitting. Some studies also show that applying coconut oil before bathing and as a leave-in conditioner in your hair can also compensate for your hair’s protein level, preventing split ends.

4. Prevents hair loss

Heat, cold air and even dying of your hair can have a detrimental effect on your stresses. Coconut oil contains protective fatty acids, especially lauric acid, which help prevent damage to hair. Apply coconut oil liberally in your hair a day before you go to dye your hair, can even protect your hair from the harmful effects of bleach. Regularly using coconut oil on your hair can also keep the freckles under control.

5. Kills Lice Naturally

Lice outbreaks, especially among children, are often unavoidable. When such outbreaks occur, they also spread very quickly to the rest of the family. Treatment of lice often involves the application of harsh chemicals that not only kill the lice but also damage your hair. Coconut oil application is a natural method of killing lice and lice eggs while maintaining the health of your hair. Use it as a mask of hair and scalp and thicken it and seal the entire head to combat lice.

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