Face masks reduce the risk of corona by 45% – 20 days research in Germany

Countries around the world are currently facing the Crown epidemic, which has so far claimed the lives of millions of people. Various public measures have been implemented to prevent corona infection. Corona infection has intensified once again in many states of India.

For this reason, the government constantly calls on people to wear masks in public places and even in cars to prevent infection. Research in various countries around the world has also shown that wearing masks can reduce the rate of corona infection by up to 45%.

According to research in Germany, wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of coronary heart disease. Masks have been shown to be effective in preventing crown, especially in crowded public places.

That is why Germany has forced to wear its mask there. A recent study published in a research paper from the US National Academy of Sciences found that experiments in parts of Germany found that in areas where masks were worn for 20 consecutive days, there were 45 cases of coronary heart disease. % Reduction was observed.

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