Study Mbbs In USA For Middle Class Indian

This is the question I asked myself when I had no choice but to study MBBS abroad.

I was also under the pretext that MBBS abroad is not for the middle class.

However, I was mistaken. My father reached out to some counselor and that is what I understood.

Unlike MBBS in private medical colleges in India, MBBS abroad is cheaper and also provides a better quality of education.

Doing MBBS from countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan will fetch an amount of about 15 to 30 lakhs for the entire 5-year course. While doing this from Indian private medical colleges will cost you more than 1.5 crores !!!

Being from India, there are a lot of consulting as well as agents who will promise you a seat in foreign universities.

Not all of them are trustworthy and therefore refine your choice of consultancy firms.

I took admission to Bogomoletts National Medical University with the help of Moksha Overseas Education Consultants as they have an impeccable record of placing hundreds of students in foreign medical universities.

Apart from this, one of my classmates also mentioned it for the purpose of admission.

You can watch this video, which is quite informative for those seeking admission to foreign medical universities.

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